Metro Inspired Responsive eCommerce HTML Template

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Flatro is Flat and Metro Inspired HTML template for eCommerece with out any serverside functions, If you desire to use it as your CMS template, you will need to hire a developer to convert this HTML template to your desired CMS.


Flatro HTML Template is build on the latest version of Twitter Bootstrap 3 Grid Framework. 

Find the documentation for twitter bootstrap HERE.

Lato Google Free webfonts used in the Flatro HTML Template. 

FontAwesome  Font Icons used in Flatro HTML Template.

Iview Free Slider Used as the Main Slider with few changes in CSS to fit the template.

For more information and documentation of Iview Slider visit HERE.

There are 12 Predefined different color themes available for Flatro Template, You change your Color Theme Find your Color Skin CSS file in ./skin/######.css and replace the CODE in the Page Header and Save!. for example below

<!-- Color -->
<link href="css/skin/color.css" id="colorstyle" rel="stylesheet"> 

Change to

<!-- Color -->
<link href="css/skin/cadetblue-violetred.css" id="colorstyle" rel="stylesheet"> 

Goto http://www.whatsmygps.com/

Search your location

Copy the Latitude(First Value) and Longitude (Second Value)

Goto the Contact Page Coding, and find the Code below in the Footer of page

Replace with your values and Save!

You also can change Zoom by Changing the Zoom Value of the code.

 //Google Maps Configuration

var lat="33.71815";
var lon="73.06055";
center: [lat, lon],
zoom: 14
latLng: [lat, lon]



If you need to change this theme to fit your desires OR you need fresh new template to be designed and developed for you Just let us know your needs, Contact us at fidaktk@gmail.com or info@logoby.us